Veterinarian Ziya Bağcık

I studied at İstanbul University Veterinary Faculty and graduated in 1990.

After practicing in The Netherlands with several veterinary clinics, I attended ambulatory practice at Utrecht University to improve theory and practice. On returning to Turkey, I opened the first veterinary clinic in the area and with support of my Dutch veterinary colleagues, I continue the flow of ongoing information on new procedures and innovation, maintaining the highest standards of my profession.

My wife, Figen Bağcık joined the practice, and contributed to improving the clinic’s service. I joined many domestic and foreign seminars and workshops and I have been giving companion animal clinical practice in Söke and dairy farm animal health veterinary consultancy services for many years covering all regions of Turkey.

In my 30 years experience, I have devoted my life to improve animal care, and promote Veterinary Medicine Science in our country.

Now, Vet International Animal Health Center in Kuşadası, has the most current and up-to- date equipment for the correct diagnosis and treatment of our beloved animals.